Letra The Game – Madonna

The Game

You want, I’ve got
You take, have not
Your loss, my gain
We’re all the same

You’re in a game but you don’t know it
Get in control or you’re gonna blow it
Find out his name find out where did it come from
I want to know if he’s really God’s son

Letra de  Dance 2Night

Is he really God’s son?

You have, I lack
We fade to black
Your move, I take
You win, checkmate

We’re all sick but we just can’t see it
Call it a trick, but we don’t want to be it
Try to break through all of your defenses
How would it feel to let go of your senses?

Letra de  Lo Que Siente La Mujer

Don’t forget to ask him his name
If you knew what I knew, you’d be doing the same
Ambiguity does us no good
I want everything to be understood

The Game

Letra de The Game – Madonna