Letra Pop Ate My Heart – Intro

Pop Ate My Heart – Intro
Lady Gaga

Where is it?
Where is it candy?

He ate it

Yes, i don’t believe you

Look for yourself
Pop ate my heart

I see

He downed the whole thing
in one efficient gulp
like a beautiful monster
and took off into the city

Letra de  Do What U Want

Oh candy

and now i just feel…
i feel so…


no… no…


Free… I feel free

I need more to feed my pop heart
Give me more
I want: The future, Gaga, Fashion, Technology
Dance, New York, more music, POP CULTURE
I want… The Fame
I can hear you…
Can you hear me?
Revolution is coming
and I want…
We want…
You deserve…
… The Future

Letra de  Mary Jane Holland

My name is…
Lady Gaga
And this is my… Haus

Pop Ate My Heart – Intro

Letra de Pop Ate My Heart – Intro