Two Steps Behind

Two Steps Behind Madonna You’re copycat, get backI’m always on your mindTake a photograph like thatAlways ahead of my timeI’ll give you a heart attack, bumbaclatWhere is my royalty?You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give ya thatStealing my recipe Here we go againIn your fantasyYou can try it allBut you can’t be meYou can walk the […]

Turn Up The Radio

Turn Up The Radio Madonna When the world starts to get you downAnd nothing seems to go your wayAnd the noise of a maddening crowdMakes you feel like you’re going to go insane There’s a glow of a distant lightCalling you to come outsideTo feel the wind in your face and your skinAnd it’s here […]

Trust No Bitch

Trust No Bitch Madonna It’s a special time I put in the hours, you can count on itKnowledge is power, you can trust no bitchYou can trust no bitch, they can flip the switchKnowledge is power, you can trust no bitch Know meWipe your tears and console meThat he ain’t good enough for meShake those […]

True Blue

True Blue Madonna Hey!What?Listen… I’ve had other guysI’ve looked into their eyesBut I never knew love before‘Til you walked through my doorI’ve had other lipsI’ve sailed a thousand shipsBut no matter where I goYou’re the one for me baby this I know, ’cause it’s True loveYou’re the one I’m dreaming ofYour heart fits me like […]


Triggering Madonna Dance, you’re not fightin gDance, you’re not lyingDance, you’re not cheatingDance, you’re only triggering your senses You’re not dieingDance, you’re not cryingDance, you’re not killing yourselfYou’re only triggering your sensesYou’re only triggering your senses Dance is a lovely friendDance to your heart’s contentDance and we don’t pretendDance is your only friend When you’re […]

Tragic Girl

Tragic Girl Madonna I tried to change but I couldn’t help myselfI am to blame, I used to be someone elseNo one got through, nothing came inside the gateYou made me feel when my heart was set on hate I convinced myself that I was invincibleBut I didn’t know that feelings can lie tooYou exposed […]

To Have And Not To Hold

To Have And Not To Hold Madonna To have and not to holdSo hot, yet so coldMy heart is in your handAnd yet you never standClose enough for me to have my way To love but not to keepTo laugh, not to weepYour eyes, they go right throughAnd yet you never doAnything to make me […]

Time Stood Still

Time Stood Still Madonna Despair, regret, and tendernessIs what I feel for youI loved you from the very startWhat else could I do You read my mind, you made me cryTime stood stillAnd now I know the reasons whyTime stood still Maybe you’re the next best thing to happenAll the things we might have been […]

Time Of The Love

Time Of The Love Madonna Wait until it fades to blackRide into the sunsetWould I lie to you?Well, I’ve got something to sayGrab your six-gun from your backThrottle the ignitionWould I die for you?Well here’s your answer in spades Shotgun sinnersWild eyed jokersGot you in my sightsGun it while i’m holding on After all is […]

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part Madonna Our luck is running out of timeYou’re not in love with me anymoreI wish that it would change, but it won’t‘Cause you don’t love me no more You need so much but not from meTurn your back in my hour of needSomething is wrong but you pretend you don’t […]