Your Little Body’s Slowly Breaking Down

Your Little Body’s Slowly Breaking Down Madonna (Peron:)Your little body’s slowly breaking downYou’re losing speed, you’re losing strength, not styleThat goes on flourishing foreverBut your eyes, your smileDo not have the sparkle of your fantastic pastIf you climb one more mountain it could be your last(Eva:)I’m not that ill, bad moments come but they goSome […]

Your Honesty

Your Honesty Madonna It’s your honestyWith you I have no choiceWhen you talk to meI could make love to your voiceIt’s the things I seeWhen I look into your eyesIt’s your honesty Pulling me closer to you babyYou know you drive me crazy You are one of a kindAnd I want you to be mine, […]

You’ll See

You’ll See Madonna You think that I can’t live without your loveYou’ll seeYou think I can’t go on another dayYou think I have nothingWithout you by my sideYou’ll seeSomehow, some way You think that I can never laugh againYou’ll seeYou think that you destroyed my faith in loveYou think after all you’ve doneI’ll never find […]

You Thrill Me

You Thrill Me Madonna You are who your are… (and I)Wouldn’t want to change a thing… (in spite of)All the pain that love can bring…. (so tell me)What can I do..?I’m so in love with you… You thrill me, surround meYou fill me….You send meYou put me in a trance…. You feel meInside me you […]

X-static Process

X-static Process Madonna I’m not myself when you’re aroundI’m not myself standing in a crowdI’m not myself, and I don’t know howI’m not myself, myself right now Jesus Christ, will you look at me?Don’t know who I’m supposed to beDon’t really know if I should give a damnWhen you’re aroundI don’t know who I am […]

Wild Dancing

Wild Dancing Madonna Dance to the beatDance to the beatDance to the beatWild dancing [wild dancing]Dance to the beatDa, da, da, danceLooking for some wild dancingLooking for some wild dancing[Wi, wi , wi, wild dancing][Wild dancing]Dance to the beatDa, da, da, danceDa, da, da, dance to the beatLooking for some wild dancingWild dancingWild dancing beatDancing […]

Why’s It So Hard

Why’s It So Hard Madonna Why’s it so hard to love one anotherWhy’s it so hard to loveWhy’s it so hard to love one anotherWhy’s it so hard to love What do I have to do to be acceptedWhat do I have to sayWhat do I have to do to be respectedHow do I have […]

White Heat

White Heat Madonna A copper.How do ya like that boys, a copper.And we went for it, I went for itTreated him like a kid brotherAnd I was gonna split fifty-fifty with a copper.They were there waitin’ to pin a medal on him“Come on get up, get your hands up!”Yeah, that’s it, a nice gold medal […]

Where’s The Party

Where’s The Party Madonna Working Monday through FridayTakes up all of my timeIf I can get to the weekendEverything will work out just fine That’s when I can go crazyThat’s when I can have funTime to be with my babyTime to come undone Where’s the party (where’s the party)I want to free my soulWhere’s the […]